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           Winter / Spring 2006, I traveled to Nicaragua to study multicultural education and Latin American history. The studies lasted 3 months. Through cultural studies I became acquainted with Rigo who is a medical doctor and has previously traveled extensively throughout Nicaragua to help people in rural areas. He has helped many people with medical problems, and run with educational / preventive measures. During the visit, several of us played football together with Rigo and children / adolescents. When I got to see how football can unite regardless of language, religion, culture or age, I was inspired. This got my mind going and such began the idea Futboldelavida. I have a fundamental belief in the humanistic view of human nature. Of which human being is unique and inviolable. This means that the individual has the right to make their own choices and are responsible for the consequences. Futboldelavida is an organization aimed at children and young people in Nicaragua. Andre Didriksen
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